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Siladen Island Diving Holdiay

We have an absolutely fantastic house-reef right on our doorstep, with all of the best flora and fauna the Bunaken Marine Park can offer. You can expect to find moray eels, lionfish, parrotfish, triggerfish, and almost the entire cast of Finding Nemo. Our reef ends abruptly in a magnificent drop-off into the big blue, which makes for a great highway for dolphins and whales. You can rent snorkelling gear from us when you arrive, however we unfortunately do not have gear in children’s sizes.

We can also arrange for a snorkelling tour of nearby reefs using our own boat and a local guide. There is one spot in Bunaken where you would be unlucky to have only seen three sea turtles. You may even catch a glimpse of the famous Rambo – a massive green sea turtle residing just below the reef. Each reef is different based on the strength of the current passing through, regularly bringing essential nutrients to the coral and its inhabitants. Some reefs are known of their abundance of sea snakes or sharks, others for the beauty and health of particular coral.

The Bunaken Marine Park attracts thousands of divers every year and whether you’re an experienced diver or hoping to obtain your open water license we can organize everything for your next Siladen Island diving holiday.