Bobocha Siladen Resort

Bobocha Siladen Resort Food

At Bobocha Siladen we are passionate about the food we serve our guests. Food isn’t an afterthought, it’s the main event and it’s what we do best. Our food is locally sourced and locally inspired, our produce is fresh, organic and we grow most of it in our own garden on the island, and our menu is ever changing and dependant on what the local fisherman has caught that day. Our cakes and desserts are also a favourite! There are no buffet lines here – your meals are served to you at the table.

We do our best to cater to all eating requirements whether you are vegetarian or on a special diet, just let us know in advance by contacting Sarah.

At Bobocha Siladen everything we do aims to avoid any negative impact on the environment and this is exemplified by the meals we serve our customers. Our food is locally sourced to reduce our carbon footprint and to highlight the produce grown in the Manado region. The main advantage for customers is that our food is always fresh!

A lot of our produce is grown in our own garden on Siladen including eggplant, pumpkin, papaya, mango, banana, cassava, and fresh herbs among others; all of which is organic. Our next goal is to have our own free-range egg-laying hens.

As we are a small resort our menu is flexible and dependant on what the Siladen fishermen have caught that day. All the fish we serve are deep-sea fish and are caught using sustainable methods, usually just one fisherman with a line and hook. From Bobocha you can watch the local fishermen return from fishing in their small hand-made wooden outriggers, perhaps with a swordfish inside! A few hours later (or sometimes less than that) the fish is prepared and ready for your dinner.