Bobocha Siladen Resort

Siladen Island Exploring

siladen island

Siladen, a true pearl amidst the islands of Indonesia.

Siladen Island

Siladen is a small island, only 1.1 kilometers long and 600 meters wide with a local population of 200 people. So during your stay here you can easily explore every interesting facet of the island both above and below the water. The walk around the perimeter of the island is approximately two hours long. You can walk around the island only during low tide as the rocky northern tip of the island is usually covered in water. However this makes the walk all the more interesting, as you will be able to see an extraordinary array of creatures living in the rock pools. There are also some small caves to explore, but beware of the bats! You will also be able to observe the local fish eagles hunting for their next meal.

Bobocha Siladen is situated amongst the local village and so you can become acquainted with what island life is like for the locals. You can observe the local boat builders at work in the village, the comings and goings of the fishermen, the women selling their local cakes and cookies, and what the children get up to for fun. The forest in the centre of the island is home to delicious mango trees, banana trees, and Pili trees, known for their delicious nuts that the locals use frequently in their baking. There is a lot to see and do on this small island!