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Whether you want to spend a day fishing, diving in the amazing ocean, or take a tour of the highlands and volcanoes we can help you to book a wide range of Siladen tours, there is so much on offer.

Dolphin Tour

At Bobocha Siladen we can arrange a morning dolphin tour to see some of nature’s most loved creatures in their natural habitat. The Bunaken Marine Park is home to a number of species of dolphin and seeing them hunt or play in their hundreds is a magnificent sight. This is a popular option for families in particular and many of our guests choose this tour for their final morning on the island.

Please contact us for more information about our dolphin tours.

Fishing Tour

A Fishing Tour can be organised for any guests eager to catch their own dinner. You will depart either before sunrise or at sunset for the best shot at catching something exciting. Our boat will take you out at the same time as the local fishermen in their small fishing boats or ‘ketintings’, to the deeper waters where the fish are biting. You will fish like the locals do, with a simple line and hook. Expect to catch some skipjack tuna or if you’re really lucky maybe a sailfish!

Please contact us for more information about our fishing tours.

Highland & Volcano Tour

Bobocha Siladen can arrange a tour of the highlands and volcanoes surrounding Manado on the mainland. One highlight of the tour is the Tangkoko Nature Reserve, which is home to the Tarsier, Kuskus, Sulawesi Hornbill, and the critically endangered Sulawesi Crested Macaque. You will also see the town of Tomohon, known as the “City of Flowers”. The town sits at the base of an active volcano – Mount Lokon. The area also grows much of the fresh produce for the whole region because of the rich volcanic soil and slightly cooler temperatures. Other highlights of the tour are lake Tondano, and also lake Linouw, which is actually a water-filled volcanic crater. The high sulphuric content of the water gives the lake it’s unique colour. You will also be able to take a short hike up to the crater of Mount Mahawu. This Tour will take the entire day and so it is recommended for guests who have an extended stay on Bobocha Siladen, otherwise we suggest arranging the tour for the day immediately before your check-in or after your check-out of Bobocha Siladen.

Please contact us for more information about our highland and vulcano tours.