Bobocha Siladen Resort

Eco-Friendly Accommodation Sustainably Focused

At Bobocha Siladen we aim to lessen any negative impact on the environment in every aspect of our business, from our building materials to what we serve on your plate. We use recycled or eco-friendly materials to build our villas, we use energy saving appliances wherever possible, and we aim on incorporating solar energy through the resort within the next 12 months. We have large water tanks used to collect rainwater that is then filtered for use in our bathrooms as well as watering the garden when necessary. We also use locally sourced produce in the kitchen, ideally anything we can grow in our own garden or sustainably fish out of the sea ourselves to lessen our carbon footprint.

2015 – 2019 has seen the construction of brand new villas at Bobocha Siladen and we have tried to use recycled materials where possible. For example, our demolished original villas made up the foundations of our new villas when usually these materials would have just been thrown away. We also make use of driftwood that washes up on our beach to make some of the fantastic furniture used throughout our resort including the new bathroom table tops and the benches for our outdoor dining tables.

At Bobocha Siladen we also try to ensure we use energy saving appliances with a low wattage output, for example all our light bulbs are LED and use less than 3 watts of power. The exception to this is our air conditioning units, which are the single highest power consumers in the resort. With the introduction of solar energy at our resort in the next 12 months we aim to reduce the negative impact of this luxury in time.

It is important to us at Bobocha Siladen that we do what we can to positively impact the environment not just through our own resort, but also through the community surrounding us. 2015 saw the introduction of a garbage collection program within the Siladen community in part funded by Bobocha Siladen. Next we aim to spearhead the introduction of a similar program on Bunaken Island to ensure this marine park is kept pristine. In addition, we will endeavour to continue to help educate our neighbours and our guests on what they can do to help our environment.

Sustainably focused
Sustainably focused